Nevyana Buchvarova. 120 anniversary of the historical musеum in Veliko Turnovo – 28


Svetlozara Chepkunova-Staneva. More about the demographic characteristics of the villages of Plakovo, Kapinovo, Velchevo, Mindya, Prissovo, Pchelishte and Tserova korija inder the Ottoman rule – 36

Hitco Vatchev. Some views оп the problеms in a hypothesis (M. Harbova. A Scientific Hypothesis about Arbanassi (the earlier Zagorie) being a components of the frame – work of the old capital Turnovgrad) – 45

Реter Zaphirov, Hitco Vatchev. Marginal notes in lithurgical books from the town of Elena in the XIX c. – 49

Tzvetana Pavlovska. Stefan Stambolov us а successor of V. Levski – 60

Tyanca Mincheva. The deputies from the province of Turnovo and constituent assembly of 1879 – 75

Кинка Панайотова. Дислокация на българските дружини в района на Търново през 1877 – 1884 г. – 76 стр.

Kinka Panayotova. Military detacnments in V. Turnovo 1877 – 1884 – 90

Vanya Stancheva. Major-general Sava Moutkourov – 98


Peter Stanev. Results and perspectives of the prehistoric research in the region of V. Turnovo – 107

Julia Ghencheva. Tehnological test of а clay  utensiI from the neolithical settlement mound of Samovodene – 115

Sonya Soultova. Clay lamps type „Boutovo – 128

Pavlina Vladkova. Ornamental designt on clay trays from the teritory of Nicopolis ad Istrum – 137

Ivan Tsarov. А bust of emperor Commod from Pavlikeni – 140

Marko Tzotchev. А collective find of bronze coins in the village of Blagoevo, district of V. Turnovo – 158


Vassil Moutafov. А survey of the settlements the lay-onts of towns and the architecture in the region of V. Turnovo at the turn of the century – 182

Theodora Rogheva. Wedding customs in the town of Lyaskovets and in the surrounding villages – 191


Diana Kosseva. Restoration-concervation problems of the tablets-of-icons from V. Turnovo – 195 стр.