Nevyana Batchvarova. Hristo Nurkov and his Contribution to the Development of the Regional Museum of History in Veliko Tarnovo – 65

Katia Mitova-Ganeva. Hristo Nurkov et le spectacle audio-visuel “Son et lumière“ à Veliko Tаrnovo – 84

Ivan Nurkov. History of Weapon – Fundamental Historical Discipline – 96

Rumyana Yordanova. The Prehistoric House – a Look from Inside. Open House Models from Bulgaria – 112

Ivan Tsarov. Nicopolis ad Istrum: Social and Political Considerations for Water Supply – 123

Evgeni Dermendgiev. The Square after the Main Entrance of the Medieval Fortress on the Hill of Tsarevets in Veliko Tarnovo – 149

Konstantin Dochev. A Coin Find (end of 12th) at the Newly Found Gate of the Trapezitza Fortress – 170

Stoyan Mihaylov. A Fragment of a Collective Find with Golden Byzantine Hyperpyra of 14th – 177

Totev, N. Boteva. A Procession Cross from the Medieval Fortress Near the Town of Sevlievo – 188

Diana Kosseva. Murals from the Newly Discovered Church to the South of the Great Lavra Monastery of the Holy Forty Martyrs in Veliko Tarnovo – 204

Valentin Pletnyov. Varna Metropolis Bishops during 14th – 221

Hitko Vachev. On the Issue of the Catholic Church Construction and Architecture on the Territory of the Tarnovo Metropoly in the Llate 16th – 17th – 244

Ivan Chokoev. An Attempt to Present the Conservation and Restoration of Archaeological Finds at a Temporary Exhibition – 255

Plamen Sabev. The Noah’s Ark in one Icon from the Revival Period – Symbolism, Folklore, Visual Accordance – 269

Miglena Petkova. The Traditional National Sanctuary – a Promoter of the Communication and the kKeeping of the Community Memory – 276

Temenuga Georgieva. Atanas. Iliev und Sein Platz in der Geschichte der Bulgarischen eEthnographie – 288

Svetla Atanasova. „ Avramov and bros” Trading House from the Second Half of 19th c – 304

Dragomir Yordanov. Russian Map of Tarnovo from 1877 – 317

Stanislava Boteva. Regalia and award System of Veliko Tarnovo in Recent Times – 345

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