Kinka Panayotova. On the economic polyci of the Bulgari an governments during the First World War (1915 – 1918) – 22 стр.

Nevyana Bachvarova. Haralamby Petrov Djamdjiev – founder of the Bulgarian aviation … 40 стр.


Peter Stanev. Technology, typifacation, genesis and synchronization of the ceramics from the terraced neolithic settlement Kachica, Veliko Turnovo – 60 стр.

Vulka Ilcheva. Technology and clasification of the pottery from Hotnitza-Waterfall – transition period from eneolite to bronze era – 110 стр.

Pavlina Vladkova. Bone toilet personal belongings from Novae – 150 стр.

Evlogi Dankov. The cult of Death Genius in the context of the classical philosophical culture and its effigu in Nicopolis ad Istrum – 163 стр.

Konstantin Totev, Ivan Chokoev. History of the investigation of the necropolis of the Forty Holi Martyrs church in Veliko Turnovo – 172 стр.

Hitko Vachev. Social function of the parish church in the 15th – 17th c. – 205 стр.

Marko Tsochev. Exceptional gold coins among the Museum pieces in Veliko Turnovo – 208 стр.

Marko Tsochev, Milcho Dimov. Unpublished coins from Nicopolis ad Istrum – 214 стр.

Hristo Haritonov. Commemorative medal with the images of ss Cyril and Methodius – 220 стр.


Pavlina Vladeva. The crafts, the commerce, the transport in Turnovo during the revival period according to foreign and Bulgarian travelers – 228 стр.

Tyanka Mincheva. Demographic changes in the villages Balkantsi, Vladislav and Blagoevo, V. Turnovo district after the liberation – 324 стр.


Петър Станев. Рафаил Попов (1876 – 1940) – 246 стр.


Васил Мутафов247 стр.