Philip Totyo House – museum

It is in a very small village of Gartsite, near by the village of Voneshta Voda, about 40km.south of Veliko Tarnovo.

The legendary revolutionary leader Todor Todorov Stanchev (Philip Totyo) was born here on April 10th 1830.

In 1854 he formed a small military band to be at war with the Ottoman oppressors. He was a commander of several others in the period between 1866-1867.All of them were formed in Romania, crossed the Danube river and fought the Turkish army .He took part in the war between Serbia and Turkey (1876).During the Russian-Turkish war of Liberation (1877-78) he was in help of the Russian general headquarters and took part in the battles for the liberation of Svishtov.

He died on March 22 1907.